Directions to email your early draft to Professor Morris for personal feedback and specific improvement suggestions

Congratulations on almost finishing this course, dear student!

This is the moment where you get some personalized attention. I will read and comment on/provide substantive revision suggestions for one short early draft of any creative nonfiction you are currently working on. This might be a prompt you wrote for this course that you'd like to develop further, or maybe something you've been working on prior to this course and feel stuck - or anything else! As long as it is an early draft of creative nonfiction/memoir/personal essay/true life writing, I will gladly give you some feedback on it.

When you are ready, send me an email at [email protected] (amandamorrisphd at gmail dot com) with up to five double-spaced (or two and a half singled-spaced) typed pages of a story draft (these page lengths are the equivalent of about 1500 words). This might be a short, stand-alone piece for a journal or part of a chapter or something else.

Your submission options:

1. Copy and past 1500 words of text into the body of the email to me. Please include the working title.

2. Attach your draft as .pdf or .doc or .docx to the email

3. Save your draft to Google Drive and send me an editable link ([email protected])

Please only submit the number of pages or the word count I have specified - if you send me a longer piece, I will provide comments and revision suggestions only on the first 1500 words. Expect my emailed feedback response within two weeks of the date I receive your draft (about 14 days).

I look forward to providing some feedback on your work. Now happy writing!

- Dr. Amanda Morris

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